Tips for Nausea or Morning Sickness in Pregnancy

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  • Posted On August 23, 2019


Morning sickness, which includes nausea and vomiting in pregnancy is typically caused by pregnancy hormones, especially in the first trimester. Having said that, morning sickness can happen any time during the day and the name is a misnomer.

Some studies say it happens to over 50% of all pregnant women, while others report that 80% women experience it at some point during their pregnancy.

Usually it goes away on its own during the second trimester without any intervention and in some cases, women experience vomiting towards the end of their third trimester.

Morning sickness and diet

Spicy or oily food may irritate a sluggish digestive system and cause heartburn, indigestion leading to nausea and vomiting if you are prone to it.

How much is too much?

In the first trimester, many women are worried about their baby receiving enough nutrition because they are not able to eat enough or they are throwing up. Many studies show that it is normal and usually not a cause of worry even if the pregnant woman loses a kilo or two in the first trimester or if you are unable to eat adequate calories. And this is okay provided the blood tests and BMI is maintained and as long as you are not dehydrated and able to function normally when there is no vomiting.

If it affects your day to day work, your doctor may prescribe an anti-emetic.

Sometimes, when pregnancy symptoms like nausea stop, people worry about a miscarriage. This is not always true. It is better not to worry about nausea coming and going and check with your doctor if you have specific concerns.

Diet tips for dealing with mild nausea or vomiting`

Some studies have found that ginger is effective in treating nausea. You may continue using it in your cooking or in hydrating beverages like ginger tea, ginger ale etc. Some women even find respite by chewing a small grated sliver of ginger with fresh lime.

Here’s some guidance from expert dietitians on how to alleviate morning sickness.

  • Avoid strong smells that trigger nausea.

    This is a good idea though it varies for each person. Some pregnant women can’t bear the smell of rice, dals when it is being cooked while others find they can’t bear the scent of oranges and so on. Try and avoid cooking or eating whichever foods trigger nausea or vomiting.

  • Keep some crackers by your bed and try to eat a piece before waking up.

    This is one remedy which works for many women. Some prefer crackers, while others prefer plain toast. Both are plain foods and help settle the stomach but there is no research to show why this helps.

  • Try not to have a long gap between meals.

    If your health permits and your diet plan allow for proper portions, it is a good idea to eat some snacks in between meals.

    Women report that home remedies like dried gooseberry (amla), desi mouth fresheners (mukhwas) like jeera goli work like a charm.

    It is usually safe to eat these in small quantities. However, you need to check the ingredients if you are buying any such items for things like sugar or added food colouring. Again, we recommend you use homemade ones.

Other remedies you can try:

  • Ask your doctor about Vitamin B6 supplements

    This is effective in some cases and doctors may recommend Vitamin B6 supplements to alleviate vomiting.

  • Try not to lie down immediately after eating

    Walk for about 10 minutes after meals to help digest the food.

Fitterfly Takeaway Message

  • Have crackers or plain toast first thing in morning
  • Regular small meals
  • Walk for few minutes after eating food
  • If toothpaste makes you nauseous, brush your teeth with wet soft bristle brush and rinse your mouth with mouthwash afterwards
  • Ask your doctor about medicine or supplements you can take for nausea
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