Summer Vacation: Reasons of gaining weight and Fitter fly way to shed it off ….

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  • Posted On May 02, 2018

Ever remember as children, our generation used to lose weight during summer vacation, running around in the playgrounds, playing outdoor games, catching fireflies, and at times helping grandparents in the households and gardening , But in the present era everything has shifted indoors and in summers now we see our children gaining weight these days. This is due to lack of physical activity, more time on mobile/ tv/ video games, calorie rich foods and less time given by parents towards kids or changing children’s behavior. 

There are many studies supporting this fact that children gain more weight during the vacation, than during the semester years.  Let’s get aware about it …

Relaxed and lazy routine is the main reason, when the school is ongoing children are used to wake up at a specific time and do their chores. While during vacations, its a relaxed time so they wake up at their leisure time and binge on the available snacks or order something ready to eat which gets delivered at their doorstep, and like Garfield they just lie down becoming a couch potato.  With the growing technology and our dependency on it, kids also rely on same for entertainment and amusement unlike us where we used to seek happiness in a playground, garden or a zoo. 

To add on to the list there are many reasons like midnight snacking, processed foods, movies, videogames, mobiles, laptops and so on.

Fitterfly tricks for a healthy generation and a happy vacation

  • Get them into a healthy summer routine - Try to keep the sleep and wake up times fixed even in vacation to ensure they follow a regular eating pattern too and avoid binging and midnight snacking.
  • Replace ice-creams and shakes with natural cooling foods like seasonal fruits – watermelon, Ice apple, honey dew, coconut water, lemonade etc.
  • Experiment with infused water, to keep your kids well hydrated, that will even meet up the mineral requirements of your kid.
  • Be a role model to your child- As a parent you must  practice a regular routine even during off days, so that the child may imitate what you are doing.
  • Food should never be a reward for good behavior.
  • Pick up a fitness oriented hobby for your kid, involve him / her in dancing, kick boxing, or any other sport of interest.
  • Stock healthy food at home, in your fridge and cabinets – fruits, cereal puffs, foxunts, and dry fruits. 
  • Children will obviously like to eat what they themselves plant and grow, so if your vicinity allows home gardening  let them experiment their gardening skills there.
  • Let the master chef in them blossom, come up with new ideas, welcome their company in your kitchen, it will be fun cooking with your little munchkin.
  • Hit the beach, dig out the sand manually and build castles, go cycling and explore new places with your child.

Let summer be a season of good health and fitness for your child. If you stay in Navi Mumbai or nearby then you can enroll your child for summer workshops or crash hours at our Fitterfly Centre at Inorbit mall Vashi.
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