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Prediabetes Reversal Plan With Diabefly Pro: Best of Human Intelligence and Technology Breakthrough

November 2020

Type 2 diabetes doesn’t happen overnight. It passes through a phase of prediabetes (or known as borderline diabetes) before a full-scale diabetes manifests. A typical phase of prediabetes may last 1-7 years. Let’s dive in to understand what is prediabetes and how it can be prevented or reversed.

What is prediabetes

Prediabetes or Borderline diabetes is a condition in which the blood glucose is higher than normal, but not high enough to be diagnosed as type 2 diabetes. Prediabetes is also known as Impaired Glucose Tolerance (IGT) or Impaired Fasting Glucose (IFG). 75% of people with Prediabetes progress to diabetes within 7 years.

Prediabetes is mostly diagnosed based on family history or annual health checkups.

Tests for prediabetes

  • Fasting Blood Sugar – More than 100 and less than 126 mg/dl
  • HbA1c – more than 5.7% and less than 6.4%
  • Oral glucose tolerance test

Risks or complications of prediabetes

Most of the people with prediabetes have no symptoms but without proper management most prediabetics progress to develop type 2 diabetes. The consequences of type 2 diabetes can be disastrous with the onset of High blood pressure, High cholesterol, Heart disease, Stroke, Kidney disease, Nerve damage, Vision problems, possibly loss of vision and even amputations

Recent studies have also shown the linkage of Prediabetes to unrecognized (silent) heart attacks and kidney damage even without progression to type 2 diabetes.

Prediabetes treatment program plan which works

No two people are alike – so a one-size-fit-all approach doesn’t work!!

Nutrition, physical activity and sleep/ stress management are essential to reverse prediabetes, but these work only if these are personalized to you. Diabefly Pro is a scientific and personalized action plan for people with prediabetes and diabetes to help them prevent, reverse and manage their condition better.

Diabefly-Pro action plan for Prediabetes includes:

  1. Personalized Glycemic Response based nutrition plan
    • Knowing which foods exactly raise your blood sugar by using the Fitterfly Wellness App and a CGMS device.
    • Tailor-made food choices to help you keep your blood sugars in the normal range
    • Restriction-free diet plans – Don’t stop eating without knowing whether it’s good or bad for you!
  2. Exercise plan
    • Know what happens to your blood sugars when you do various exercises- swimming vs running vs yoga vs weight training
    • Choose exercises which are most efficacious for better glucose control
  3. Sleep management
    • Low blood sugars at night can cause restless sleep and tiredness the next day
    • Relaxation techniques for better sleep
    • Stress management – Clinical psychologist validated techniques to help you manage your stress

A holistic approach like Diabefly Pro combined with insights from advanced technologies allows you to take charge of your prediabetes and lead a healthier, diabetes-free life for longer.

About Diabefly for Prediabetes

Diabefly Pro is a scientifically validated Digital therapeutic program for people with prediabetes and diabetes helping them to prevent, reverse or manage their health condition. Diabefly uses data from CGMS/ AGM devices such as Libro Pro/ Freestyle or Dexcom G6 and correlates it with various food choices and their nutritional values to determine “Personalised Glycemic Response”. Helping understand which foods cause how much rise in blood sugar help Diabefly coaches make a nutrition plan which works. Experience the best in Prediabetes care now.

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