Is GM Diet a healthy way to lose weight?- A detailed analysis

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  • Posted On February 22, 2018

General Motor diet is commonly known as GM Diet, better known as the fastest weight loss diet. GM diet promises nearly 15 pounds i.e. 6.8 kg weight loss in a week which is truly a tempting deal for all weight watchers.

Interesting!!! But plenty of questions arise while taking such crash diet courses. Will one meet the daily requirement of nutrients? Will it work on fat loss, muscle loss or fluid loss? What do I eat after the diet regime is over?

GM Diet was developed for employees of General Motors Corporation so they remain healthy and work more efficiently. Ample water in GM Diet helps in detoxification. Increased quantity of fruits and vegetables, increases fibre content and along with water, helps in digestion.  According to GM  Diet, the main reason for excessive weight gain is – wastes that are trapped in the body. The fibres help to clear bowels and ensure weight loss.

Free food- A soup made of cabbage, celery, tomatoes, onions and bell peppers is allowed daily. 

Day wise schedule

Ample amount of water is recommended to avoid uric acid deposition.

We ran the GM diet through Fitterfly Nutrition software which is the most accurate way of knowing adequacy of one’s nutrients. 

For an average man/woman weighing 60 kg, let us see how the GM diet meets the daily requirement when calculated.

Nutrient Required Dietary Allowance (RDA) Requirements met from GM diet Interpretation
A well balanced meal consisting of all the food groups in the right amount is essential.

2320 kcal/day 693.31 kcals (29.88% RDA) Any weight loss diet plans should not be below 1000 kilocalories (unless under medical observation). The total average calorie from 7 day GM diet is 693.31 kcal, which is very low.
Carbohydrates are the primary source of energy and good quality carbs are a must in every meal. They are of 2 types Simple and Complex

60 gms i.e 240 kcals (10.34% of total energy) 16.64 gms (27% of RDA) Minimum Carbohydrate requirement is 50-60% in any diet. However, with GM diet only 17% of total calories are met. This can lead to dizziness and weakness.
Consuming adequate protein ensures optimal growth, repair, and boosts immunity.
2320 kcal/day 693.31 kcals (29.88% RDA) Ideal protein requirement is 1 gm/kg body weight. With GM diet approx. 0.27 gm/kg body weight is achieved. Low protein can result in muscle degradation.
Total Fats
Fats are required in limited amounts as they protect vital organs and help in absorption of fat soluble vitamins
20-30% of total calories i.e 580 kcals ( 64.44 gms) 15.89 gms (24.65% of RDA) Depending on the intensity of weight loss, total fat is ranged between 20-30% of total energy. Low fat intake can result in deficiencies of fat soluble vitamins like Vit. A,D,E and K.
Nutrients for Happy Bones
Vital nutrient for bones and teeth.
600 mg/day 267mg/day (44% of RDA) Calcium is essential for bone strength. Calcium deficiencies are common post-menopausal women and in late adulthood. A diet deficient in calcium can worsen the condition leading to osteoporosis.
A perfect 1:1 ratio of calcium and phosphorus will help maintain good bone health.
600 mg/day 278.84 mg/day(34% of RDA) Calcium phosphorus ratio has to be maintained for calcium absorption. Phosphorus is used in various energy producing cycles, deficiency can lead to weakness due to low energy levels
Nutrient for Healthy Stomach
Dietary Fibre
Plays an integral role in digestion. Classified as Soluble and Insoluble fibres depending on food sources.
30 gm/day 29.7 gm/day Fruits and vegetables are the richest sources of fibre. Fibres give satiety. Also helps in smooth bowel movement and digestion

Hope from the above table you have understood the effects that GM diet has on your body. To know how much of your vitamin and mineral requirements are met, stay tuned for next blog. It is important to note that while for short term, it may still be ok to do this once in a while but repeated and frequent courses of GM diet can really deprive your body of essential and important vitamins and minerals.

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