Is child health fitness assessment important? Should every child undergo a Fitness Test?

  • Dr. Vandana Jain

    Ophthalmologist & Healthcare Entrepreneur MBBS, MD, MBA (Stanford, USA)

  • Posted On April 04, 2017

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Yes, the answer is a resounding YES.

In the modern era, a child is predisposed to early onset lifestyle diseases due to lack of activity and unhealthy nutrition. The new age childhood has increased body fat, a decreased muscle strength and low aerobic power. This combination increases the risk of various diseases in young adulthood. The lifestyle diseasesaren’t a harsh, hopeless act of Nature. These diseasesarea treatable blunder made by humans, who disturb their own nature. Much like a tree can’t grow tall and sturdy in poor soil; children too, nurtured in unwholesome foods, drinks, poor activity will become unhealthy for life.

Social and technological transformation have taken place at an amazing pace over recent years. When comparing the two-time periods, we can see the impact of technologies and modern lifestyle for children.Earlier there was no internet, cell phones, computers or video games; so kids used to interact with peers, play outside and were, in general, physically more active. It is the opposite these days and it is usual for the kids to be holed up with their gadgets at home.

Urbanisation has a huge impact on a child’s life with consequences such as: -

  • Consumption of unhealthy junk foods and colas
  • Incorrect choices of food, bigger calorie dense portions
  • Increased oil and fried food consumption
  • Sedentary pursuits such as TV, gadgets and video games
  • Long school hours and pressure oftuitions,
  • Smaller play areas for kids

These all lead to an unfit child with a high risk of childhood obesity and early onset of lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and heart issues.

The need of fitness assessment in kids:

Just because a child looks lean or have proper weight/ height, doesn’t mean that he or she is fit. The real fitness can only be assessed by conducting certain tests for various components of body fitness. Once the fitness tests are done, then the score of the child can be compared with the normal standards for that age which gives a good clue to the parents how their child’s fitness levels are. These tests have a good bearing on future risk of serious diseases such as diabetes, heart disease etc.

A battery of tests conducted by Child Fitness team at FitterFly can help parents understand the fitness and health of their children. The tests are fun, easy and focus around aerobic capacity (lung, heart function and stamina), muscle fitness (strength, flexibility, endurance) and body composition. After the tests, most of the parents come back and tell us how the Fitness tests has been an revelation for them and their kids. In our experience, almost 90% of the families get inspired and make relevant changes in their lifestyle to bring health and fitness to normal level within 3-6 months.

A child needs to be tested for health and fitness at least once every 6 months. At each test, personalised recommendations provided by FitterFly fitness experts for children help families in getting their child more fit and active. Adequate focus is also given on a good nutritious diet.

Awareness precedes choices

Choices proceeds results

FitterFly Fitness tests bring about a good awareness which can allow the families and kids to make healthy choices at a tender age and have a long lasting healthy impact.

Briefly, a secret of a happy childhood is to obtain freedom from the clutches of unhealthy lifestyle by incorporating physical fitness into the daily schedule.

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