Fruits - Eat Or Drink

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  • Posted On November 11, 2017

Fruits-Eat OR Drink

Fruit juices originated in the 16th century and lemonade was the first juice that was consumed and relished in parts of Italy as well as the Middle East.  


Fruit juices are beneficial for constipation, gastro intestinal diseases, during viral fever and infections when the appetite is considerably low and to prevent fatigue especially after intense physical activities to replenish glucose stores in the body.

Fruit juices are refreshing, energizing and cooling especially in the humid climatic conditions in India.     Homemade fruit juices could be consumed by children in limited quantities as they are packed with potassium, fibre rich, full of antioxidants, low in fat and also helps in providing instant energy.

Fruit juices packaged in boxes and pouches promising 5 servings of fruits in 1 glass seems to be convenient drink to serve children. However it is always advisable to consume a whole fruit rather than a juice as a lot of nutrients are lost in the process of making a juice.


Fruit juices are high on simple sugars and packaged juices are low on protein and fibre which give a feeling of fullness or satiation whereas they are high on simple sugars that shoot up the blood sugar levels followed by a dip in the sugar levels that increases craving for more sugar and is the cause of most lifestyle diseases. Also, excessive consumption of Fruit juices can lead to cavities and can even cause diarrhoeas in toddlers. Juices should not be offered to children in a sippy cups or bottle which they carry the throughout the day.

Do’s and Don’ts:

  1. Prefer eating fruit as a whole than juice to obtain fibre and other nutrients to its maximum.
  2. Avoid Fruit juices intake if your child is suffering from juvenile diabetes, chronic diarrhoea , obesity and kidney diseases that leads to hyperkalemia.
  3. Home prepared juices are best as compared to packaged juices.
  4. Buy products labelled as 100%juice as those juices which are not 100% are considered as beverage or cocktail drinks.
  5. Purchase pasteurized juices as unpasteurized juices can contain germs that put children at risk of getting sick.


Consume fruits mostly whole fruits and homemade fruit juices occasionally in limited amounts, also avoid consuming packaged and processed fruit juices as they are high on additional sugar content and preservatives to keep your children glowing, fresh and energetic.



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