Fittest Kid of Navi Mumbai 2017 (FKNM) Contest slated to be hosted by FitterFly in Navi Mumbai

  • Dr Arbinder Singal

    MBBS (Gold Medalist), DNB, MNAMS, M.Ch (AIIMS Gold Medalist), Co-founder and CEO Fitterfly

  • Posted On November 02, 2017

India’s First Fitness Competition for Kids set to take place in Navi Mumbai

Navi Mumbai City would be celebrating fitness in kids by hosting a unique event called “Fittest Kid of Navi Mumbai”. The event which has been conceptualised by FitterFly- a Child Fitness and Nutrition start-up company would be run at Inorbit Mall Vashi from Nov 3 till Nov 12, 2017. The contest is open to all kids residing in the age group of 5-18 years.

The fitness level of the kids will be judged on basis FitterFly Fitness test battery which has a set of ten tests. These include Stamina (Vo2max), Flexibility, Leg strength, Hand strength, Chest Strength, Core Strength, Height, Weight, BMI and Body Fat percentage. One boy and one girl in each age group of 5-8, 9-13 and 14-18 years will be chosen as the fittest kid and these will stand to win smart fitness watches. 20 top contestants will also win prizes and will be recognised for being fit children.

It is the first time anywhere in India that fitness in kids is being recognised and celebrated as a mainstream event. The whole aim of the event is to promote “Fitness Quotient” in the children. Fit kids grow into healthy and fit adults. The registration fee for the event is 250 rs and includes assessment and report, 7 Day electronic food diary and participation prizes.

Besides a fitness contest, there are other interesting activities being organised by Inorbit Mall Management and FitterFly for the whole ten days. These include Rock Climbing, Interactive Quiz, Treasure hunt, FitterFly Master Chef for kids, Jump contest and Kid Zumba throughout these 10 days.

Dr Arbinder Singal, Co-founder and CEO of FitterFly said “The concept of fitness in children is very new in India. In countries like USA and some European countries, school children undergo mandatory fitness tests every year so that they inculcate fitness right from childhood. We can see the change now happening in India also and interestingly starting with Navi Mumbai, our city of 21st century. Fittest Kid of Navi Mumbai Contest is aimed at raising awareness for child fitness and nutrition among citizens of Navi Mumbai”

Mr Virendra Thakur from Inorbit Mall added, “Currently a Mall is seen as a place for shopping and eating while we are making a difference by hosting an event promoting fitness in children and for a healthy future of Navi mumbai. We want the kids to come and enjoy these few days at the mall and go back with good memories and healthy practices.”

Dr Singal added, “FitterFly is currently working with 20 schools and preschools in Navi Mumbai, Thane and Mumbai and holding fitness and nutrition assessments/ events to educate teachers, parents and kids about right fitness levels, exercises and healthy eating. In the backdrop of rising childhood obesity, early onset diabetes, heart diseases, if we don’t start working with children, India will soon become a bankrupt nation just managing these diseases which will affect people in their 30’s and 40’s. The latest research shows that kids can be influenced into good habits between the age group of 5-15 years and that’s the age group FitterFly works with. 30% of India’s population is children and if we can get all children and parents sensitised for fitness and healthy eating, it will bode a very healthy future for the country. Also, the government spend on lifestyle diseases in the future will decrease significantly plus we will have a healthy and productive population.”

FitterFly has conducted more than 10,000 Child Fitness tests for kids between 5-18 years in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai area and our results show that:

  • 85% of the kids have low stamina
  • 37% of the kids are overweight or obese
  • 80% kids have low muscle strength
  • 70% kids have low iron in diet and 80% have low calcium in diet

All these deficiencies in fitness and nutrition increase the risk of lifestyle diseases. FitterFly team of fitness experts and pediatric nutritionists help parents and kids to select right exercises and food for the children to get them back into Fitness and Healthy Diet.

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 Fittest Kid of Navi Mumbai

When: 3rd Nov -12 Nov

What: Fittest Kid of Navi Mumbai

Time: 12:00 noon to 7:30pm

Where: Inorbit Mall, Vashi, Navi Mumbai, India

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