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  • Posted On June 16, 2017

SOUPS- a quick, hot and a tasty meal that offers plethora of nutritional benefits. Soups definitely can be the best part of the meal if cooked appropriately with healthy ingredients.

The most amazing part about soups is, it can fit in any part of your daily regime be it- breakfast or lunch or dinner and are wonderful to have all year around. Also a value addition to the meal, when you add veggies to them. An extremely tasty way to collect all your vitamins, minerals and fiber…yeah!

Our healthy recipe compilation at Fitterfly Nutrition has wide range of healthy soups to suit all tastes and flavours. Let’s have a close look at some of them…

Oats Veggie Soup

(Serves 2)

Total Preparation time: 15min

Flavoured with garlic and oregano, this simple oats and vegetable combination soup is quite interesting and delicious. Packed with fiber, it is excellent for breakfast or for light dinner and requires less of preparation and cooking time.


Oats- 2 tbsp
Carrot, chopped- 1 tbsp
French beans, chopped- 1 tbsp
Corn- 1 tbsp
Peas- 1 tbsp
Onion, finely chopped- 2 tbsp
Garlic, crushed- 1 tsp
Pepper Powder- ½ tsp
Oregano- ½ tsp
Salt- ½ tsp
Butter- 1 tsp
Milk- 150 ml


Step 1- Heat butter in a pan, saute onion and garlic until onion turns translucent.

Step 2- Add oats and roast. Further add the veggies (carrot, french beans, corn and peas) and saute them.

Step 3- Add about 3/4th cup of water to this mixture stirring continuously until the mixture thickens a bit and the veggies are cooked. Adjust the water content as per the desired thickness.

Step 4- Next, add milk to this mixture and boil.

Step 5- Add salt, oregano and pepper powder to taste.

Step 6- Serve hot.

Chunky Chicken Vermicelli Soup

(Serves 4)

Total Preparation time: 35min

A classic chicken soup recipe with added shredded chicken, vermicelli and vegetable chunks. An all time favourite for kids as well as adults.

Carrots, chopped- 1 tbsp
Potatoes, cubed-1 tbsp
Peas-1 tbsp
Capsicum, chopped-1tbsp
Corn- ½ cup
Cabbage, chopped-1 tbsp
Ginger Paste-1 tbsp
Oil-1 tsp
Bay leaf-1
Black Pepper powder -½ tsp
Cinnamon-2 sticks
Salt-1 tsp


Step 1- Pressure cook chicken and all the veggies (carrots, potatoes, peas, capsicum, corn, cabbage) with enough quantity of water.

Step 2- Place vermicelli in a bowl of hot water for 10 mins or until just tender. Drain water and keep aside.

Step 3- Heat oil in a vessel and add bay leaf, cinnamon, cloves and ginger paste.

Step 4- Add the pressure cooked stock and veggies to these spices and keep the chicken aside.

Step 5- Shred the chicken and add it back to the mixture.

Step 6- Add cooked vermicelli, pepper and salt and bring the soup to a boil.

Step 7- Serve hot.

Masoor Tomato Soup

(Serves 6)

Total Preparation time: 30min

Masoor is known for its unique taste and when combined with tomato it presents a yummy combination. Extremely rich in protein, this soup is quite filling. The taste of this soup can be enhanced with addition of variety of spices.

Masoor dal-50gms
Tomato, chopped- 1 big
Onion, sliced- 1 medium
Garlic, chopped-1 tbsp
Chilli powder-½tsp
Oil- 2 tsp
Salt-½ tsp


Step 1- Heat oil and saute garlic till the colour changes.

Step 2- Add sliced onions and sauté till the onion turns translucent.

Step 3- Add tomatoes and chilli powder and cook for some time till the tomato is well cooked.

Step 4- Add masoor dal, salt and enough water for cooking.

Step 5- Pressure cook the mixture till the dal is cooked well.

Step 6- Remove the cooked mixture after cooling and blend it in a mixer.

Step 7- To this puree, add some water to make it a soupy consistency.

Step 8- Simmer this mixture on medium flame, stirring occasionally.

Step 9- Serve hot.

Enjoyed reading?? Now quickly try making them and experience the magic of their taste :)

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