Fitter Mind stays in a Fitter Body: Boost the Childhood!

  • Dr. Vandana Jain

    Ophthalmologist & Healthcare Entrepreneur MBBS, MD, MBA (Stanford, USA)

  • Posted On October 04, 2020

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Deep down inside we all know that exercise and sports are good for the body, but did you now that physical exercise offers kids cutting edge in mental health and school studies as well?

Medical research has shown that exercise is a vital ingredient for a healthy mind, good behavior, successful school academic performance and even helps in healthier social relationships with peers.


Well. Do a set of push ups and then read this to learn more.

Why is Exercise for children so Important?

From childhood, we have learnt that 30 minutes of exercise can keep us in good shape and good health. But what exactly does exercise mean? Well, physical exercise is defined as engagement in activity with the goal of improving body health and fitness levels.

We feel the strong emphasis on exercise and sportsin improving children's physical healthis partly misplaced. It fails to highlight the salutary effects which sports has on the overall wellbeing of the child, particularly on the mental health side. Studies have shown that exercise has helped cure or reduce the disorders such as depression, stress, under-confidence, nervousness and even attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder as well. Exercise clearly improves self-esteem, school academic performance, brain memory, and study concentration. Child’s involvement in sports and exercise can also ameliorate behavioural issues and juvenile delinquency.

Most of the reasons that physical exercise benefits mental and cognitive health in grown-ups are true for children as well. Modern age children being prone to stress and depression due to academic and social pressures, school bullying and difficulties with parents or schools can gain extra benefits from exercise and sports.

Psychological positives of exercise for children

Decreases Depression and Stress

  • Exercise releases those happy hormones calledendorphins - When a child engages in physical games and exercise, the body's 'natural opiates' called endorphins are produced. These chemicals give the child a natural 'high', fostering a positive outlook and happiness which lasts for a few hours after the activity and exercise is over.
  • Increases serotonin– Serotonin is an important neurotransmitter chemical in human brain which fights depression and balances mood. Exercise results in release of more serotonin, which can help kids overcome feelings of loneliness, sadness, or depression.
  • Increases Vitamin D - Exercising and outdoor sports in the sun helps replenish the vitamin D for children naturally. American- National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey- showed that more than 2/3 of the children under 12 had low vitamin D levels. Vitamin D deficiency can lead to feelings of depression or sadness.
  • Meditation – While engaged in sports and activities, kids forget all their worries, fears, anxieties and this works akin to a meditation session for the kids helping them calm down internally.

Increases Confidence and Self-Worth

Exercise can help kids get more self-confidence and belief in their abilities.

  • Learning and excelling at new skills - When kids exercise, so many different physical skills get imbibed and improved – agility, strength, endurance, speed, balance etc. With the adoption of new skills and enhancement of existing attributes, the child gains a sense of accomplishment and improves his level of confidence.
  • Team sports and relations– Playing together in a team fosters relationships, develops team spirit and additionally positive encouragement from teammates, coaches, and parents can increase child's confidence.
  • Increase in perception of attractiveness- We all remember how athletes in our college used to be looked upto and the air they used to carry. Regardless of actual body parameters, exercise tends to make people feel strong, fit, active and hence attractive. The persona which they hence carry because of these, helps them boost their confidence and self-worth.

Hence, our child fitness experts at FitterFly would like to see your kids more fit, strong, active and this will ensure that the adage “Fit mind in a Healthy body” will stand true.

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