Easy tips to use drumstick leaves in your daily meals..

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  • Posted On July 07, 2017

Just as the monsoons are playing hide and seek with us, so are the prices of the veggies..Invading the markets are nutrition packed Drumstick leaves or better known as moringa leaves. The difficult task here is to get our munchkins munch these nutritious bundle.

Worry not, as Fitterfly Nutrition team brings you easy inputs to use these vegetable ina  smart way. 

 Moringa leaves or Horse radish is the English name or Saragavo in Gujarati and with various other regional names, drumstick leaves is the most stable dark greens with no nutritional losses even after different forms of cooking.

Did you Know ?

  1. Filled with anti-oxidants: Not only rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin A , calcium and potassium, it is also rich in antioxidants, phenolic compounds and flavonoids that boost immunity of your child and keep colds and flu at bay.
  2. Stay fever free with drumstick leaves: Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of drumstick leaves helps prevent frequent bouts of illness in your child.
  3. 4. Increase your iron stores with drumstick leaves: Surprisingly cooking methods like boiling of drumstick leaves increases the iron absorption rate by three times compared to that of raw drumstick leaves. Meaning more of these leaves in the meal, and better are the body iron stores..

Learn cooking nutritious recipes made of drumstick leaves with FitterFly!!

  1. Delicious drumstick curries, soups, dals and thorans : Make these recipes more nutritious with addition of thoroughly washed and finely chopped drumstick leaves. A mix of freshly cut tomatoes, corn, capsicum, grated garlic, pepper powder and a dash of cream can add color when served in your child’s lunch or dinner plate.
  2. Lip-smacking flavors of South India: For all my South Indian food lovers, drumstick is just the kind of a superfood  you may want to choose for your child’s diet. Addition of freshly chopped drumstick leaves to the adai batter, sambar and chutneys can get your child licking his finger every time you add it to meals. Along with vegetable peels, stir fried drumstick leaves imparts an eye pleasing green color to the adai and chutneys.
  3. Scrumptious drumstick snacks: Serve your child’s snacks with a taste of good health by adding drumstick leaves with gram flour to make veg and non-veg koftas and fritters. Season your child’s favorite scrambled eggs and egg rolls with eggs whisked with finely chopped moringa leaves and sprinkled salt and pepper.
  4. Add some chopped leaves to bhajiyas, cutlets, mix them into parathas, add a spoonfull to pulaos...

Wow, isnt it easier to use these leaves in your daily menus..


  1. Thoroughly wash the leaves to remove dirt and inedible stems and use freshly cut drumstick leaves in food.
  2. Dried moringa powder can be easily stored in air tight containers without any nutritional losses for its use in various roti/puri/thepla and bhakri dough preparations.
  3. Thoroughly cooked leaves help aid digestion and must not be eaten raw.
  4. Drumstick leaves can impart slight bitter taste; hence addition of tamarind, jaggery and lemon can help mask the bitter flavor in food.
  5. Use them with corriander leaves in dals, vegetables to add a dash of healthier garnish.

Go mommies grab your bundle of drumstick leaves right now...and put these easy tips in use..






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