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  • Posted On February 05, 2018

Diarrhoea or commonly known as loose motions  is a  common occurrence especially toddlers which make them irritable . With so many probable causefood – an allergy or intolerance? An infection? Or a general tendency?and the list is endless.So let’s gain some information about it.....

Diarrhoea is characterised by:

  • Frequent, smelly and loose stools
  • 3-4 times or more in a day .
  • Recognisable food particles like carrots, peas etc.
  • Abdominal cramps at times.
  • The Alarming dehydrated stage!Motions are up to 15-20 times in 24 hours.
  • Diarrhoea is associated with Vomiting
  • Its chronic in nature with noticeable weight loss.
  • Presence of blood in stools
  • Associated with severe abdominal cramps.

Diarrhoea needs dietary modifications even if medications are on , as the digestive system is working hard to digest the food consumed. Certain things to be considered are as follows.

  • Eliminating Lactose from the diet –( Which can be temporary or permanent , depending on the cause of Diarrhoea)
    • So avoid milk, milkshakes, tea , coffee
    • Can go for curd, buttermilk instead , black coffee with lime
  • Fiber from the diet should be restricted…
    • Fruits containing more fiber should be avoided like papaya, Guava, Sweet lime / oranges with skin.
    • GO for apples boiled / raw without skin, ripe banana instead which will act like a stool binder.
    • Leafy vegetables should be replaced with vegetables like Bottle gourd, pumpkin, potato, sweet potato.
  • Watch out for sugars in meals
    • Sugars come directly from the added table sugar as well as from processed foods which contains additives like sugar alcohols as they cause diarrhoea in young kids above a certain level.
    • So read the labels carefully and avoid foods that have Maltitol, Xylitoland sorbitol.
    • Ready-made fruit juices with added sugars should be strictly avoided.
  • B-R-A-T Diet can be initiated
    • B- Banana ( Ripe)
    • R- Rice ( Rice kanjee)
    • A- Apple sauce ( Stewed apple)
    • T- Toast
  • Electrolytes should be taken care of..
    • Replenishing lost electrolytes should be the main aim , as disturbances into which can further lead to complications
    • Ready pouches of Electoral can be given by reconstituting in desired amount of water or It can be made at home –( Give this Oral Rehydration Solution throughout to the child )
      • With 1 litre boiled and cooled water.
      • 6 level teaspoons of Sugar.
      • ½ level teaspoon of salt.
    • Coconut water is also a good option.
  • Probiotics
    • These are the microorganisms which maintain a healthy digestive system
    • Curd / Buttermilk are the home based options for probiotics, home based Fermented foods can also be given.

 A child suffering from diarrhoea is lethargic and short on energy, but if proper care is taken in terms of medications, fluid and food are balanced well , then he / she will recover soon.

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