Type 2 Diabetes Reversal

Diabetes Reversal,Type 2 Diabetes Reversal | By Fitterfly Team Nutrition

Can Diabetes Be Reversed?

Insulin pricks, medications, anxiety over elevated blood sugar levels and constant fear of its consequences: This isn’t an ideal life one can imagine. If you are living with diabetes, you […]

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Diabetes Management,Diabetes Reversal,Type 2 Diabetes Reversal | By Pavitra Sampath

7 Tips to Lower HbA1c Levels

Your HbA1c readings are crucial, and keeping them below the normal range lowers your risk of heart disease, eye issues, and nerve damage. But in addition to taking your medicine as prescribed by your doctor, there are other things you may do to lower your HbA1c.

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Diabetes Management,Diabetes Prevention,Diabetes Reversal,Digital Therapeutics,Type 2 Diabetes Reversal | By Arbinder Singal

Why Every Person With Diabetes Should Do Diabefly Once in Their Lifetime?

Living a healthy life with diabetes requires some discipline. Your diet, physical activity, sleep patterns, stress levels, weight – everything is monitored. And rightly so. Lifestyle management centered around these […]

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Diabetes Management,Diabetes Reversal,Healthy-diet,Type 2 Diabetes Reversal | By Dr. Sugandh Goel

Does Keto Diet Help in Managing Diabetes?

The ketogenic diet, aka keto diet, is a diet which is very low in carbs and very high in fats. In a keto diet, a person eats less than 50g […]

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