Balance between Food intake and Activity in Children

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  • Posted On August 29, 2017

My child doesn’t eat much yet he is overweight, I try to control his portion size yet it’s of no effect!

My child doesn’t feel hungry, no matter the variety of foods I make!!

My child feels tired easily. Climbing just two floors makes him/ her short of breath!!!

Are these some of the things that comes across your mind? Have you observed this happen with your child as well? The most common reason is the lack of balance between food intake and activity in children. Our bodies require energy to perform various tasks, to grow and to survive. This energy as we all know comes from the foods we eat. The requirement of calories differs according to age, gender and activity levels.

It is very important to maintain a balance between food intake and activity levels in children specially to ensure that the child grows healthy without any nutrient deficiencies which would affect his growth and development. Our society off late is more inclined to have a sedentary lifestyle, children are more often found spending their time watching tv, playing video games, engaging in computer games instead of playing outdoors. Our cities also have fewer playgrounds to encourage children to play outdoors. In such an environment, it becomes difficult to encourage our young ones to get moving!

Benefits of physical activity / exercise

  1. Helps in maintenance of adequate weight by creating the right energy balance
  2. Increases and regulates a healthy appetite in children
  3. Prevents insomnia (lack of adequate sleep at the appropriate time).
  4. Improves the stamina of your kids, as a result they get less easily tired.

Some tips to improve the physical activity of children

  1. Encourage your child to climb stairs instead of taking a lift. If the floors are more, half can be climbed using the stairs and half can be reached via the lift.
  2. Try to walk short distances instead of travelling in a vehicle especially to and from school.
  3. Dancing is a fun way to flex those muscles. So, let your little ones put on those dancing shoes.
  4. Let your children pursue their favorite outdoor sport. Be it swimming, badminton, football, gymnastics, cricket etc. Who knows your price or princess might the next Roger Federer, Sachin Tendulkar, Serena Williams or P.T. Usha!

Here’s to a fitter and a healthier lifestyle!


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