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Punya Srivastava

MSW, Bachelors in Journalism & Mass Communication, IP University, Delhi

Punya Srivastava, MSW, Bachelors in Journalism & Mass Communication, IP University, Delhi
Punya is an editor and content writer with over 9 years of experience in writing about health and wellness. She has written extensively on body-mind-emotional wellness, having started her career as a magazine journalist in the sphere of holistic wellness.

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Diabetes Management,Health,Healthy-diet,Weight Management | By Punya Srivastava

How to Control Diabetes With Indian Food?

Indian cuisine has a global reputation of being diverse and highly flavourful. Your average Indian meal could be a great way to manage type 2 diabetes without having to spend money on fancier, non-local alternatives. Let’s find out how.

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Fitness for Diabetes,Weight Management,Workout | By Punya Srivastava

5 Easy to Do Exercise for Diabetes at Home

Exercise is one of the best ways to manage diabetes. It helps in controlling blood sugar levels and also improves insulin sensitivity. These exercises include walking, jogging, swimming, cycling, dancing, yoga, weight training, and aerobics. You should try these exercises at least three times a week.

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Health,Healthy-diet | By Punya Srivastava

Pulses and Diabetes: What’s Cooking?

Pulses fall in the category of low GI (low glycemic index) foods. That means it takes a longer time for the carbohydrate present in them to break into sugar and get released in the bloodstream. Hence, they don’t sky-rocket your blood sugar instantly.

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Diabetes Management | By Punya Srivastava

Sign and Symptoms of Diabetes in Men

What symptoms affect men with diabetes? With the increasing rate of diabetic patients in the country, people are left seeking clarity on questions like what causes diabetes, what are the […]

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Diabetes Management,Diabetes Reversal | By Punya Srivastava

Diabetes Complications: Symptoms & Management

Complications of Diabetes Mellitus When I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes at 28-year-old. I didn’t take it too seriously until I started experiencing tingling in my fingers and pain […]

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Diabetes Management | By Punya Srivastava

What Are Biomarkers? And Which Ones Are Important for Type 2 Diabetes?

Who among us has never taken a blood test, gauged their blood pressure, or even checked their body temperature with a thermometer? I am sure we’ve all had to face […]

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Diabetes Management | By Punya Srivastava

Are You Dependent Solely on Glycemic Index?

Summers are here and so are the most anticipated summer delights – luscious mangoes and refreshing watermelons. And with this deliciousness, comes the dilemma of how much is too much, […]

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